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We believe that children are already hard wired by God to learn and succeed. Our task as the school is to educate our students by nurturing this underlying desire for learning. We are also committed to mastery-based learning and are focused on each individual child's mastery of the curriculum material. 

To accomplish this, we have identified the following key attributes of children that we feel are essential in shaping our curriculum:

  • Children are sensorial learners and do best when they touch and manipulate learning materials. Children are mobile; they need classrooms where they can move. Children are curious, they love to learn and do so naturally. 

  • Children are different and diverse. While we feel that given the right conditions, all children can grasp any subject, we know each child has a different inclination for the subjects they enjoy, each has a different temperament, each has a different level of energy, and each has unique developmental skills.

  • Children are creative. They can think, feel and construct solutions that may be different from what we expect.

  • Children need interaction and inherently love being with others.

  • Children entering preschool will need time to adjust to their new environment away from home. As such, a schedule suited to their needs may be applied.

  • ​Children learn new languages quickly. Students entering with a different language spoken at home will receive help as they assimilate and immerse in English classroom work.


We, at BGNCS believe that blending students from diverse backgrounds and offering a solid curriculum can become an excellent foundation for today’s young generation. Our current students come from a number of countries, bringing with them a unique international perspective to our instruction. In addition, the province of Bataan is well served to offer a flexibly integrated international education for AFAB locator families. The school environment is best described as diverse but united.



We have adopted the Montessori learning methods and manipulatives to guide children during the sensitive years, ages 4-6. Students work at his or her individual pace. Teacher training begins from Montessori centers such as Montessori Teacher Education Preparation of the US (Phils), the North American Montessori Center, and the Center for Guided Montessori Studies. BGNCS Teachers are grateful to have oversight from a very well experienced Teacher Trainer, Mrs. Corro Becker.



In addition to our BGNCS subject teachers, we have consulting workforce practitioners sharing their expertise and adding instructional input to enrich the student learning experience in the STEM field. We currently offer a specialized Robotics class, and in SY 2020-2021, we will also be offering an Advanced Math Enrichment Class, Physical Sciences and Computer Instruction for specific grade levels.



We believe that small classroom sizes and teachers working as a team are essential in meeting the individual learning objectives of our students. As such, each grade level has only 15-18 students. We have two teachers in each classroom with one teacher leading the instruction and another teacher providing classroom support, which allows them to formulate collaborative classroom strategies. We strive to integrate the latest digital educational material to enrich our DEPED-compliant curriculum. 

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